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January 2004
After rolling on my first two coats of primer last month, I sanded out the texture of the paint with an orbital sander and began blocking with the long board and #150 grit paper. There were several minor low spots that I filled with Metal glaze. This filler works well for all the little filling and is ready to sand within fifteen minutes. Prior to spraying on the next coat of primer, I cleaned the wings with an acrylic cleaner recommended by my paint supplier. We finally got a nice warm January day here in Northern California and after stringing up the wings with Nicholas, I shot primer. I am using a light gray Transtar primer that works great for the top coat. It sands very nice, works great as a filler-primer, and cures hard with some flexibility. The thing I like most about the light color is that it reveals any minor flaw or low spot.

So, back to blocking and filling, but I'm just about done with the wings. Releases need a little opening up, gaps for the ailerons need adjusting and there are still a few minor, minor low spots. All in all, very good. I'm happy the way they look. When I bring my plane in for paint, it will be ready and I can save on the painter body-working.

I spent some time out at the hangar working on the canopy to get this off my list. It began by doing a release and applying lots of micro. The idea is to get a perfect transition from canopy to fuselage. This first coat gets a proper sanding and I'm back to using AeroPoxy light filler for the next coat. I used a drywall taping knife to apply the large area of filler and keep the application level. Fill and sand...

The nice thing about sharing a hangar with another Legacy builder is the sharing of ideas and hangar flying. And when your hangar-mate is a 777 Captain and ex-T-38 pilot, you hear some great stories! It's been fun building with Ron and seeing all his "innovations" being developed.

Next month I'll get the final coat of primer on the wings, install the hardware, leak test them and concentrate on the canopy and get the whole plane in the final coat of primer. I'm making great progress and hope to be flying this summer. The to-do list is getting shorter and shorter!.

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