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March 2004
Still sanding. After seeing Ron's speed mod kit horizontal fillets, I decided to rip mine out (created from micro) and bond-in his. Real easy and a little lighter. I am still finishing up the step on the removeable window and chasing low spots around the canopy, but it's getting better and better. Thanks to my best friends Metal Glaze and DuraBlock.

The one thing I needed to do is finish the belly. Not just completely even out my gaps, but bodywork the doors one last time then get it primed and blocked out with 320# paper. At this point there's no more rolling, just spraying on primer. It makes the sanding easier because there is no rough texture to sand down. I have been patiently waiting for almost a year to test my gear and once I have it flipped back I will be able to fill the system and cycle!

I had Peter Stiles and Kirk Hammersmith visit my hangar to work out some technical issues with Lee Behel's Legacy. That plane is incredible and sure made some noise on the way out. My son Patrick had to go out and see it. He's as excited as I am for the air races this September!

I am finally in the firewall forward program. Things are getting fun now. I had the engine mount re-powder coated white along with the battery boxes I got form Lancair and the alternator cut-out Mike Mahar is selling. That's a must have if you're doing the stand-by alternator. Everything from here is straightforward and a much needed break from the sanding. Nicholas says he'll take over the final sanding, but we'll see how long that lasts.

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