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May 2003
After one year of building my plane at home, it is time to move it to the airport. I have been busy trying to get as much completed as I can while it is here and convenient to work on. I have been using the two-part metal glaze to fill minor low spots and I am continuing to block the best I can. After filling, I sprayed a thick coat of primer on and the blocking began again.

May 8th, 2003. It's time to roll out my plane for it's ride to Watsonville. Dave Saylor at AirCrafters is developing a openable rear quarter window and asked if he could use my Legacy to make the molds. I had really not wanted to put these in, but after some thought it was like "why wouldn't I want this?" The mod will allow me to throw bags in easy, service all the things in the baggage area much easier and provide an escape hatch (that I hope to never use).

My son Patrick gave me a hand taking off the nose gear and rolling it out to the drive way. I can think of nothing as cool as an airplane sitting in the driveway
. The next morning Dave arrived and we tied it down to the trailer for it's ride to Watsonville. My son Nicholas and I were sad to see it go, but my wife Marietta had her driveway back.

The nice thing about having my plane forty miles away is that I have a reason to go flying. I went over to Watsonville three time to visit the Legacy and see what AirCrafters was doing next.

After two weeks making molds, Dave brought my plane back in time for the Legacy builder's fly-in. I am now hangaring with Ron Jones and we are going to get our planes finished together.

I saw the window frame and Dave explained how it will work. The frame is incredible and the level of quality is outstanding. (OK, shameless plug here, but, every Legacy needs at least one of these openable/removable windows.) Click here for more information

At last the Legacy builder's fly-in! Ron Jones, Scott Alair and myself hosted this one. We had seven Legacies fly-in for the day including Rob Logan, Ron Brice, Rick Schrameck, Jerry Hansen, John Halle and Carsten Sundin! Peter Stiles brought the demo down and gave a few rides, but nothing compared to the ride I got with Rob Logan. He requested a low approach from the tower and because his speed brakes didn't deploy, we had to go around after a 234 KIAS pass ten feet off the deck. WOW!

My wife and I convinced Ron Brice to stay with us for the evening and see the Watsonville fly-in the next day. Ron stayed on through Monday and we traded rides. I flew him over to Watsonville to get his Legacy that was hangared courtesy of AirCrafters and he gave me a ride in N27RM. We thought it would be a good idea to visit Jim Thomas at Q68. Because we couldn't see the wind sock we needed to take it down closer for a better view.

It was a great visit and we came back to Watsonville for a grease-on landing. Ron actually pulls the power over the threshold. He makes it look easy, but it really is in the Legacy. May 2003 was a great month!

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