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September 2003
All canopy, all month. That's September 2003. I did make it to Reno for the air races and that was a blast, but as for progress this month, not much except focusing on getting the canopy done. I did a release around the hinges for a more finished look and just kept sanding away. I was very happy with the way it all came out. The fairing is smooth and the step is as gradual as it will ever be.

A nice little mod I did was to bond in a defroster deflector. I had this idea last year and talked to Ron Jones about doing this and making a mold. I stopped by the hangar and he had it laying about! Beat me to the punch. Ron is an innovator and an incredibly deep well of ideas to make these fantastic planes so much better. Anyway, it came out beautiful. The purpose is to direct warm air up on the plexi and hide the ugly holes. Ron Jones is selling this cool little add-on to if you're interested.

I am now focusing on the outside and began by taping off the plexi with striping tape, roughing up the plexi and filling the step with micro. It's taking a lot of work, but I am getting my step and gradual as I can. When my little birds finally gets painted it will all be worth it.

Now if I can only make it out to the hangar on a regular basis, I'd finish my wings!.

As always my son Nicholas comes out to sand. He really thinks this is his Lancair. I've been taking him up in a Citabria quite often (still to little for the Pitts) or out to the airport to grade landings. The kid digs airplanes and the flying bug has bit him hard. God help him!

The center console is almost done and gets another coat of primer. A much needed improvement over the stock one. One more thing I finished this month was to get my stick grips installed on the weldment. I cut the weldment down as much as I could and had to grind off and shape the steel sleeve (bushing) so I could sink it in lower. A 1/2" hole was drilled and sanded so the wires could come out. It will be tie-wrapped later. I used a heavy-duty shrink tube sleeve to protect against chaffing.

In the picture you can see that this is as low as these stick grips will seat. Approximately 2.5" was cut off the weldment. I installed it in Ron's Legacy and ergonomically it's perfect.

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