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October 2002
My elevator and horizontal bodywork is getting close to finishing. The gap is even and straight and as I began fine tuning the counter weights, I noticed that one side keeps sitting higher. I made marks and took a level reading from three spots and discovered that the two elevators are out of alignment by 1 degree. That may not sound like much, but the deflection is an 1/8" inch. To me, that will render the plane out of rig from the first flight and the only way to correct it is to slot the bell crank and flox it into the correct place. It was an easy, easy fix. I enlarged the bolt holes, made a release, laid in flox and put it back together. Using a level and marks I made, I set into the correct position and kept checking with my level.

I am continuing to follow Jim Thomas' advice on installing everything that can't move (hardware) and then install the stuff that can (hydraulics). This is a pretty tedious task because that console and flap tube must go in and come out repeatedly. Constant trimming is required to get everything to fit without rubbing and since the console had to be lowered in order for the panel to fit, everything else is affected. If you have gotten this far you will notice that the two seat supports are different heights. I split the lower one and raised it up with flanges bonded to the inside and filled with flox. Basically it needs to be raised about 3/8" in the front. Don't be surprised if you cut a lot off the rear so the flap tubes clear when installing them.

A last note on the flap tube is that the toque tube brackets that mount on the rear spar in the gear wells need to be bent. Because the aft spar cants forward, it makes the geometry non-perpendicular. If you bend the toque tube brackets and do a release for the bearing block on the console, you'll find the flap tube will move forward and backwards effortlessly without any binding. It only took me a week to figure this out!

I'm installing more cockpit hardware so I can do my pluming after I paint the floor with an epoxy sealer. Ron Brice gave me a great tip on installing the fuel pump. What I did was to bond on a flange to the nose tunnel allowing the fuel pump to move an inch aft. That's not all. I installed nut plates so that it can be taken out easily and moving it back gives more clearance for the marker beacon antenna. But the best part is that I will use a flexible steel braided fuel line to run under and up behind the floor board. To use the aluminum fuel line means there's no getting it in and out down the road. Thanks Ron!

I got my seat pans trimmed and postioned allowing me to bond the side supports to the fuselage. Later on I will need to build up micro on the console seat supports to make up for lowering it.

Moving along, I wanted to see how the glare shield would fit. It didn't. A whole day was wasted and this project will get attention after my complete panel is installed. I got the new inner door mod I saw at Reno that consists of beefier cylinders, springs and arms. My boys helped me do the installation as I didn't have the instructions yet and had to order it part by part. They sure know airplanes!

The cockpit, well, is looking like a cockpit. I made the hydraulic line supports early on a Suday morning because I was just plain board and got up way too early. What a sinch. Amy sent me my tru-track auto pilot servos so I could get those fitted too. Once I set that into position I bonded the brackets to the floor.

Finally, October 19th and Jim Thomas' Legacy builder's fly-in. All day Legacy talk and Rich Henning brought his all-silver L2K for us to envy. There were thirteen builders in attendance and it was great to meet some new faces and exchange building information. Rich gave us a fly-by at the end of the day.

L to R: Jim Cohello, Jeff Miller, Doug Grant, Don Barnes, Lou Daniels, Ralph Love, Scott Allair, Bill Schleifer (just bought Dan Ribb's Legacy), Rich Henning. Kneeling: Jim Thomas, Ron Jones and Dennis Johnson (flew his Cherokee from Spokane to attend!) Steve Cowell not pictured.

Thanks Jim!

OK, so not much here. I'm hiding the boring bodywork, but I did install the bellcrank covers and did the micro release around the edges. I also foamed in my load supports and glassed them over. I got carried away with the grey epoxy sealer in the cockpit, but what the hell. It looks cool! It's really taking shape. The next thing on the list is to flip the plane over and concentrate on getting the body work done around the gear doors and belly. I want to be able to primer it before going on to the hydraulics.

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