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November 2003
I'm still making good progress on my wings and close to rolling the first coat of primer. Both tip lights have been completed and require only minor body work that can be done with filler primer and metal glaze. I began finishing the lens shelf by cutting it back, adding some filler and sanding out smooth. I installed nut plates then did a micro release around the lens so there would be a finished look all the way around the lens I re-shaped.

The light itself installs onto a plate I fabricated. I bonded it in with flox then fashioned a curved bulkhead using high density foam and bonded in with a runny micro mixture. Once I had the shaped sculpted and sanded, I spread on a coat of runny micro and put three-bids of fiberglass over it creating a solid wall that I can bodywork. After that cured I ground away at it to have the light snug in and have the wall wrap it. The whole thing looks very cool and allows for the smallest lens possible. Paint will eventually extend out from the lens to cover the step giving it a further smaller appearance. Lots of work, BUT WELL WORTH IT. I love this mod and the nice rounded wing tip I have now.

I got a few other things done in November including the installation of jack points in the wings. I did these from a tip Tom Gourley passed along and this will enable getting the plane off the ground easily for gear cycle testing. It only took a couple of hours including prep and will be good to have for servicing away from home.

The other thing I did was to create a release of flox around my openable baggage window. What this will do is give my rear window a more finished look when shut. It will have a small seam or gap around the entire window, but the 1/8" step will transition from that gap 1/2" to the glass and be painted. It's going to look great. I'll have more pictures as I work on it more and apply primer to the "frame".

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