Lancair Legacy parts including a complete Air Condition System

The products I am offering are modifications that I have designed and installed on my own Legacy. I completed my plane in May 2002 and my wife and I have now flown our Legacy over 100 hours. This summer we made a trip around the United States that included flying over twelve states from the coast to coast. We encountered all types of weather and a variety of airports from sea level to 7500 agl. The aircraft performed beautifully in all aspect of flight and was very reliable. There were some initial problems with the stock exhaust tips and the lack of a suitable air filter that I needed fixed. I also wanted to be able to have air conditioning while sitting on a hot ramp under that big green house canopy. The visibility is outstanding, but the heat it generates in the mid day sun is unbearable.

The air-conditioning system I am offering performed extremely well after a few minor bugs that have been worked out. It's a pleasure to have the ability to close the canopy after start up on hot days. I typically leave the A/C on until we reach eight to ten thousand feet. Prior to descent I turn the A/C on, and leave it on, until we finish taxiing.It's great to now leave the canopy closed until we shut down the motor at which time we open the canopy to feel the dramatic difference in temperature.

I designed all of these mods to correct things I felt were lacking and because nobody else offered these items for the Legacy. I am happy to now make them available to all the other Legacy builders.

Exhaust tips $99.00
The exhaust tips are mandatory if you purchase the standard exhaust system from Lancair. On my first flight the exhaust gasses burned my paint. I made a trip to Bend, Oregon for some other repairs and went over to the place that actually made the Legacy exhaust system and told them of the problem. They told me that they were basically unable to fix the exhaust. My reply was being the 5th plane of over 200 kits sold, now would be the time to fix the problem. I was on my own. I came up with a easy fix and the perform flawlessly. These tips are simply welded onto the exhaust.

Air cleaner for the IO-550 $99.00
The air cleaner I offer fits under the cowling and works! Enough said.

Air-conditioning system $3900.00 Installation available
I designed this system for the Legacy and the Continental IO-550N motor. The units are designed to be mounted entirely forward of the instrument panel. The complete unit weights in at about 28lbs. On my aircraft it moved the cg forward approximately. 1.5 inches and this allowed my aircraft to be able to carry additional weight in the baggage compartment. I've carried up to 120lbs in the baggage with full fuel and two passengers. It runs on 14volts and can be ordered to run on either R12 or 134 freon. The system can be charged by anyone who can charge an auto A/C. The system will be shipped with all components for a complete installation. Some of these items included will be the condenser and brackets for mounting, compressor and mounting brackets w/belt, all hoses and fittings, switches and control knobs, evaporator with all hardware, drier with mounting brackets, templates and patterns with nuts bolts and all hardware to install the system.
The A/C system is a basic system that works on my Legacy with over 60hrs. of flight time to date. A lot of people ask if it affects the power of the aircraft. I know a lot of you are not finished or flying your airplane yet, but one thing the Legacy is not lacking in is power! I make all take-offs with the A/C going and have no problems. One interesting fact is that when we charged the system it took less than two pounds of freon to fill. The outside temp at the time was about 72 degrees and the temp of the air coming out of the unit was measured at 28 degrees!

All parts are warrantied for 90 days after installation within the purchase of one year. Parts must be installed per my instructions.

It is important to note that if you are considering the air conditioning system for your Legacy, it should be planned along with the placement of your instruments and items on the firewall (both inside and outside). The placement of the evaporator on the instrument panel shelf is mandatory for this system to work. If you do purchase it and your panel has been completed it doesn't mean it can't work. There is not much in the way of extra space for all the components to fit on the avionics shelf and on the firewall and the parts will have to be fitted according to allowable space. We can discuss if further if you have concerns.

If you have any other question please e-mail at or call 1-949-278-7482. Thank you for your interest in the products.

Rich Henning

Look for an upholstery kit coming soon!