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Next to the Pitts, the Legacy is the best plane I have come to fly. Interestingly, I had discovered the Legacy by accident. Originally I was interested in the LoPresti FURY and the Glasair III until a friend mentioned he had always wanted to build his own plane and the Lancair 360 was at the top of the list. I checked out the Lancair web site and sent for more information about their new two-seat Legacy. Soon I made time to travel to Redmond, fly the plane, and tour the factory. I was hooked! The plane is a delight to fly and the stick pressure is similar to a Pitts in the sense that it is very responsive with light input forces without being so twitchy, but it's the speed that is absolutely amazing, and very hard to believe because it's so incredibly smooth. What a plane!

Since then I have been able to meet several Legacy builders that have been very helpful and kind enough to give me a lot of insights in to what it takes to build this aircraft. Seeing Rob Logan's site gave me the confidence and inspiration to know that I could build my own!

Creating this web site is my way of continuing to pave the way for other builders that follow me to understand the complexities and secrets of what it takes to successfully build the Lancair Legacy. This site is in no way ment to replace or detach from the Lancair Mailing List or to become an open forum, but a site for useful information, great pictures and things related specificly to the Lancair Legacy. I will continue to update this site monthly with progress of my own build and ideas from other builders.

I hope you enjoy the site!

(Legacy #198)

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