Below are parts for your Legacy and IV I have developed. Click on all images for a larger view and contact me for pricing and availability. I have shipped several of them and they are working great in all applications.

Mike Mahar
341 East 131 street
Cleveland, Ohio 44108
voice 216-249-7143
216-249-1169 fax

e-mail Rob Logan if you prefer e-mail. Be sure to put "Legacy" or "Lancair IV" in the subject line.

Legacy Oil Drain
(so you don't make a mess)

Legacy Second Alternator Cutout
(so you don't hafta' lift the engine to change the alternator)

Legacy Light Holder
(don't hafta cut your wings)

Legacy RAM air pressure equalizing rails
(no fuel leaking on hot cylinders)
RAM air butterfly fix
Automatic filter blockoff (so no RAM preshure leaves the filter and you win races)
Legacy Airfilter with Automatic Alternate Air
(no ice on your filter)

Lancair IV window frames
(upholstrey holders)