New Legacy Website
Jay Sabot has posted his build photo album as one more guide to building your own Legacy. Be sure to visit and check back as Jay gets the final things done for first flight.

My New Stopping Power
Last fall I warped my (stock Parker) left rotor on a short field landing and the plane would shake upon light braking afterwards, so I needed a new wheel. Instead I opted for going with the Grove system and got new tires at the time. After glazing them properly and upon my first landing I could tell a noticeable difference. They do brake more effectively with significantly less toe pressure.

The other thing is it eliminates that big "puck" so the brakes no longer hit my inner gear door. The Groves insorporate a dual-cylinder design. The rotors are also thicker, so I don't have to worry about aggressive breaking in the future. I totally recommend them. The pads/rivets/construction are far superior to the Parkers. And it only took four hours to do the swap including tires. Click on the link to their web site

My Personal News (Fall Edition)
I will finally get back to updating my flight log and want to thank all those for the kind words of encourgement and nudging me to keep up with it.

For now, I can say that I continue to enjoy the plane so much. What a great aircraft! I have been mastering the lean-of-peak operation(at low power settings) and am getting 220 KTAS on 10.5 GpH. Many thanks to Stuart Featherstone and Alan Adamson for all the coaching along the way.

I have been flying a lot of formation with Andy Werback and Stuart Featherstone. Below is a picture of Andy while we flew up the coast of California and and over the Golden Gate Bridge—in trail is Tom McReynolds. Also pictured is Stuart on a recent trip to LA and a five-Legacy line-up for lunch at Paso Robles, CA. Be sure to follow this link and enjoy some great home movies.

Legacy First Flights

Legacy N97DW (aka “Miss Gina”) took to the skies on her maiden flight on the afternoon of June 2nd. Mr. Korey Stafford (Echelon Flight Support) performed the honors and flew her beautifully! After a perfect “on the numbers” landing and a short taxi back to the hangar, some champagne and toasting crowned the event! Many thanks to LML help and support and to Lancair and AirFours builder assist that helped turn a dream that began 14 years ago as a 320/360 MKII tail “split kit” into a flying work of art.

Way to go Dana....Finally

Peter Goudinaoof's Legacy, N637PG, flew March 9 with Mike Larkin at the controls.

On Friday, December 14, Steve and Cludette Cowell became the newest to join the Legacy flying club. Thier test pilot was Josh Brungardt who did the honors in Medford, Oregon. Just a couple of small issues with cowling clearances and electrical touch ups and they (both) will be flying the hours off.

Congratulations Steve and Claudette!

On Saturday, November 17, Jim Thomas joined the Legacy flying club after witnessing the first flight of his very own 252JT. Dave Morss flew the maiden flight and after a very minor sqwak list completed, Jim took to the air for a solo flight to Columbia. Scott Alair and Jim Cohelo provided chase and safety cover, as the only thing that can stay with a Legacy is another Legacy.

Jim has been one of the original early builders and an inspiration to the Legacy community by posting many valuable tips to this site and by hosting several Legacy builder gatherings at his home base of Pine Mountain, CA.

On behalf of our very tight little group of builders out here, I want to wish him a safe fly-off period and huge congratulations,

On Tuesday, November 6, Doug and Ellie Brunner's Legacy N241DB took flight in Redmond OR. Dave McRae was at the controls. First flight was uneventful! Builder assist was by Mark Mahnke and team.

Doug will carry RDD's new de-icing system for the Legacy.

Dick Reeve had a lot to celebrate Friday, September 7. His Legacy flew for the first time by Dick out of Anchorage, Alaska. Congratulations Dick!
Darryl Gerard celebrated his first flight from Hillsboro, OR, July 14. His Legacy flew for the first time by the Legacy "Coach" himself, Josh Brungardt.

Keep sending me first flight announcements so I can post for the others! Just drop me an e-mail with pictures.
First start
Jim Thomas' Legacy barked to life yesterday thanks to the help of family and friends Saturday, September 1. It was amazing to see piles of parts come together to form a nearly complete plane in just two days. Thanks to the help of five Legacy builders (Dennis Johnson, Andy Werback, Scott Alair, Jim Cohelo and Don Barnes) and three brothers (Bill, Dave and Chuck) along with father TB. Jim's girlfried Colleen, who is close to obtaining her A&P, worked tirelessly doing all the intricate wrenching and assemblies. She helped enormously and kept the all guys from slacking in any way! Finally, we rooled it out, Jim climbed in, pumped fuel through the system until finally had fuel coming out the injectors. The brakes were soft, but a couple of attempts to get the air out was all that was needed.

Under the gaze of 21 onlookers Jim (JT) turned the key and after about three to five blades of the prop, the engine lit and was making smoke and noise. What a thrill.

My Personal News (Summer Edition)
For all the Legacy builders out there that missed Oshkosh, we hosted a Legacy builder's gathering at the house we rented. There were over 40 in attendance and we all had a great time getting to know each other. I plan on doing another one next year and anyone is invited.

I came away with a Bronze Lindy that now sits on my mantle. My wife hates it and me and my kids now joke that it's "My Leg Lamp". I'm so proud of it and more importantly, so in debt to all those who supported me along the way. Some highlights were meeting up with Andy Werback and Alan Adamson in Fairmont Minn to begin our group arrival (3). Nothing like flying in formation with your buddies and chitter-chatting on a private frequency along the way. Well, our thinking was we wanted to park close together and we did. Below are some pictures.

Keep coming back to the site for updates from here and there. I'll also post first flight info, so please let me know what you're up to and if you are not on the builder's list, send me an e-mail to stay connected with some great people. Also be sure to join the Legacy Builder's Forum. Click here for the link.

Don Barnes

The Ultimate Rudder Peddles for the Legacy
If you have not purchased your peddles for your kit, you need to see these first. The “Starflight Rudder Pedals” have been designed and optimized for the Legacy.  They are overhead mounted, pilot adjustable and provide very precise, smooth rudder and brake control. The overhead mounting eliminates the need for floor boards and significantly improves pilot leg room.  Pilots can even stretch their legs out, passing underneath the pedals, on those long flights.  Pilots of all sizes can easily adjust for leg length by turning a small crank just behind the instrument panel.  Rudder sensitivity and centering force is also adjustable on the ground.
Click on this link to go to our new Starflight Rudder Pedals webpage for more information and photos:

Lancair Legacy builder's forum (join today)
For all of those building a Legacy, wanting to build a Legacy or now flying a Legacy and wanting to get to know the others, join this site, click here. Alan Adamsom has put together a nice builder's forum for all of us to post questions, tips, pictures or presonal contact information. Join now and be part of the group.

Legacy Innovations News
If you have been wanting the speed mod kit for your Legacy, Ron is back in business. Ron has contracted with Vern Pifer to make his parts. Have a look at the site which is now back live. I have the speed mods on my Legacy and have always felt it really makes the lines flow so much better.

I have always felt that Ron's parts really make the Legacy in looks. If you are interested in the parts, drop Ron an e-mail.
Thorn's new Legacy cockpit
The beautiful styling of the Lancair Legacy is now available on the inside, too. Valin and Allyson Thorn have developed this beautiful cockpit for their own Legacy and are offering it to other buiders. Some highlights include Tilt Forward Instrument Panel for Easy Maintenance Access, Easy Instrument Panel Removal for Maintenance, Resolves Factory Kit's Panel & Dust Cover Fit Problems, Optional Remote Circuit Breaker Panel and Optional Throttle Quadrant. Plus, they have developed a new set of rudder peddles that are P-51 style to offer more leg room.

Contact Valin or Allyson Thorn or visit their web site for more photos and information. Ask about their new rudder peddles!

Complete hose kits for the Legacy
Contact Richard Ogg by e-mail or call 1-510-278-6603 for these kits. I installed these in my Legacy and everything fit perfect. It's great for replacing the stock brake system. Download for parts and pricing.

Finally the eyeball vents we wanted!
Contact Jon by e-mail or call 1-817-536-6025 for these three styles. The back retaining ring was discontinued a while back and they are now offering them at an affordable price. Click here to download and order form and for more specific information.

Legacy throttle quadrant
As you can see, the quadrant displaces the fuel selector valve. The valve behind the quadrant transfers it's rotary motion forward by means of a nylon gear and metal chain drive. It's not as complicated as it sounds and operates as smoothly and positively as if it were a direct connection. It also has a small benefit of addressing the "mis-alignment" issue of the valve handle directly over the valve. It was made by Dayton Murdoch, Dayton is a CNC machinist with 24 years experience, an RV Builder and currently supplies the quadrants for Vans.

For pricing and availability contact DJM Mfg. Co. 1740 Rankin Dr., Carson City, NV 89701 or e-mail Dayton at

Mahar parts
Mike Mahar is offering accessories for the Legacy including a no-mess oil drain, landing light hardware and aft alternator firewall cut-out. Click here for more information on Mahar Parts and pictures.

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