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Canopy installation part one of three from Don Barnes #198

Canopy installation part two of three from Don Barnes #198

Canopy installation part three of three from Don Barnes #198

Canopy latching and opening improvement from Valin and Allyson Thorn #173

Canopy lock system from Valin and Allyson Thorn #173

Canopy lock system improvement by Jim Thomas #166

Keyless canopy lock system from Shannon Knoepflein #189

Engine installation and cowl

Clean fastenerless cowl installation by Wolfgang Maschek #150

Electrical battery and wiring

Battery box location and fabrication behind seat from Tom Gourley #122

Fit problems and body work

Rudder leading edge close-out fitting by Don Barnes #198

Rudder trim tab twist correction by Ron Laughlin #156

Center consol fitting from Ron Jones #181

Flap tourque tube hardware fitting from Peter Goudinoff #200

Fuel and hydraulics

Fuel pump installation fix to poor fitting from Ron Brice #179

Hydraulic line plumbing around flap hardware from Tom Gourley #122

Gascolator access improvement by Ron Brice #179

Landing gear and brakes

Nose gear clearance problems and fix from Tom Gourley #122

Nose door fit and fix by Dave Morss #104

Nose gear door fabrication without nut plates from Tom Gourley #122

Parking brake
by Jim Thomas #166

Nose Gear Plunger system correction by Jim Thomas #166

Nose Gear door retraction system by Jim Cameron #232

Wing Assembly

Tools and ideas for installing the wings and flaps from Jim Cameron #232

Miscellaneous tips and building ideas

S Tec auto pilot installation by Kurt Wheaton #143

A builder's sequence comes from Jim Thomas #166

Oxyegn Cradle by John Kleber #117

Rudder bell crank improvement from Dennis Johnson #257

Jack points by Rob Logan #134

Jack points by Leighton Mangels and Tome Gourley #122

Gear installation by standing the plane on end from Ron Brice #179

Five-point inertia harness for the Legacy. This saved the life of Ron Brice #179

Observations and notes after 140 hours on a Legacy by Rob Logan #134

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