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Above are images from the Pitch installation of my STec auto pilot.

(1) Aft bridal clamp and turnbuckle. STec supplies the clamps, rivets etc.

(2) Servo and bracket, notice that the top two attachments are countersunk screws for clearance. The bottom bolt positions have nutplates riveted to the servo faceplate for ease of maintenance.

(3) Forward bridal clamp and capstan. Notice that we took another 360° on the cable end leading forward, so you don't need to climb all the way aft to tension the turnbarrel.

Make sure when positioning the bridal clamps that the cable comes off the capstan cleanly. If it's installed correctly, you shouldn't feel the servo in the system at all.

Above are images from the Roll installation of my STec auto pilot.

(1) Form for laying up a bracket. Ultra HiTech, huh?

(2) Bracket prior to trimming.

(3) Bonded in place. Notice that we had to move some hydraulic lines around.

(4) Full right aileron position. Since the pushrod is driven directly, if you don't center the linkage carefully,
it can rotate "over center" at this position. Make sure there's no way that the full torque of
the servo can push the linkage past it's full deflection, where it will start pulling the rod instead. This
happens due to the rotation of the aileron interconnect rod end bearings and the servo connect rod end bearings.
There's actually little chance of this happening in normal flight, the condition shows up with full down
elevator and full right aileron, still better to make sure it just can't happen.

(5) Full left.

(6) Bridal clamp for the .75" interconnect. STec doesn't make one, so we had one fabricated locally.
The rivets are included in the kit.

(7) The servo doesn't fit nice and neat under the seat like the TruTrak does, unfortunately.

(8) Fabricate a cover so that the seat cushion isn't bearing on the servo motor.

Happy building,
Kurt Wheaton

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