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Image 1: Use a hole saw to cut dowel from scrap plywood; I didn't have a 1 3/8", used 1 1/4" and built it up with tape. Paperclip naturally centers string when pulled tight.

Image 2: To center string at pulling end, use one of the hat-shaped plastic plugs in the inboard gear door acutator; drill out the dowel part way to accommodate it. String can then be kept tight using a spring clamp.

Image 3: String is straight. I used a rat-tail bastard file to find the center; just make sure string is not touching the console anywhere on either side.

Image 4: To positively mark the location of the center, put a dab of flox on the string. When it cures, make your pilot hole by drilling out the string with a 1/8 " or smaller bit.

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